Random Adventure

When you’re dating a person who has a soul for adventuring it’s no surprise that you’ll often be pulling off to the side of the road to look at something you weren’t planning to. 

Yesterday, on our way to the St. Nicholas Breaker, my King Adventurer spotted railroad tracks and a tunnel going through the mountain. 

I have no solid information for you on this one, I imagine it may have been used for the Breaker, but I can’t confirm that. As you call tell by the shape of it, it hasn’t been used in a long time. 

Of course we had to walk through the tunnel, clocking in at a little under a mile long. On the way through the tunnel, I must admit, I was scared. I don’t do the best with two things while adventuring; heights and enclosed spaces. Quite frankly, if you find this, it’s slightly dangerous. You can see where the rocks have started to fall from the tunnel ceiling and perhaps if you’re a fan of enclosed spaces, you’ll be brave enough to go into the coal mine we saw. Although, growing up in the region, I’ve learned these are extraordinarily dangerous. 

When we reached the other side I was relieved without a doubt. But on the walk back through, my adventurer and sci-fi lover brought up an interesting scenario. What if when we reached the other side it was 1927? Or what if we reached the other side and we went back ten years? 

The part I found most interesting was, if we went back 10 years, and both or one of us remembered each other, would we find the other one?

Think on that for a minute. 

Say right now you are happy with your life and your partner, etc., but imagine if ten years ago you were happy but lived a completely different life at the time. If your partner from today found you, told you what will happen, would you leave and go with them? We talked about this in depth, 10 years ago we were both happy, didn’t know one another, but we know how happy we are today and the obstacles we faced over the last ten years. 

What would you do? 

Needless to say, the tunnel was not a time warp and we are still in present day. It’s food for thought, whose to say it could never happen? 

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