Alvira Bunkers

If you’re in the mood for a hike and some exploring, I’ll suggest the Alvira Bunkers. 

In 1942, amidst World War II, the US government seized around 8,500 acres in Pennsylvania. Among these 8,500 acres was the farming community of Alvira. The US government seized the land by eminent domain because they felt they needed to stock up on munitions because of the war. They bought out all the farmers and homes and promised they could have their land back if this was not needed after all. 

They built 149 bunkers. All of which we saw were tucked into a hill/embankment for obvious coverage from anyone surveying the land by air. 

Surprisingly (sarcasm), they fell back on their word and ended up allotting the 8,500 acres of land to the federal government for a prison,  the state for state game lands and a golf course. 

Now, the bunkers are the left on 3,500 acres of state gamelands. 

We drove in on 11/15 and took route 44, which led us to the game lands. There is plenty of places to park and we convientely  found the entrance right at Bunker #1. This bunker was locked but the outside was littered with spray paint. 

Not too far down the road, perhaps around 500 feet you’ll come across bunker #2. 

Honestly at first sight, you think, do I want to go in there? Well, obviously! Judging by the contents of Bunker #2 it’s obvious the state uses them for storage. I couldn’t tell you for sure if these items are long forgotten, but they seemed to be. Inside #2 we found old film reels, signage, tires and an assortment of other things. 

After a few photos, we set off to find another. We found #3 which was nearly empty except a few buckets. The most amazing thing about it’s emptiness was the acoustics inside. 

We set off to find more and unfourtantly we didn’t. Thankfully it was a beautiful day in PA and we hiked over 5 miles. We took several different pathways to find more but had no luck. Next time we plan to go back with some mountain bikes. What I should tell you is that we planned to walk the fence line of the federal prison back to the main trail and we quickly changed our minds when we turned the corner and saw a bear! 

There are two cemeteries still located in the grounds, we did stop to walk around one of them which was butted up to the prison fence. It was truly amazing seeing the headstones dating back to the early 1800s. I’m sure some were older as they were completely eligible. 

The game lands are beautiful and regardless of how many you find it was a beautiful hike. 

So if you go, enjoy the history that you are seeing, stop to enjoy the views and take that minute to disconnect from the rest of the world. 

“We live in a world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open” – Jawaharial Nehru 

Until next time! 


2 thoughts on “Alvira Bunkers

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your hike and appreciated the great write up and pictures you have published here. I do have a nitpick though. It is illegal to operate a bike on State Game Lands please don’t do it, or encourage others to. Also there are regulations in place about being there in hunting season.


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